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Spearmint Mentholated Soap Scrub
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Our Spearmint Soap has a fantastic smell and great for Aromatherapy in the bath or shower. Soothes and relaxes you and your tired skin and or muscles. This Soap is loaded with Ground Spearmint which will Gently removing the dead skin from your face, neck and other visible skin areas. No Wash cloth required.

Our soap is made from 100% Natural Whole-Herbs (Not Essential Oils), And our Oil Blend is primarily Palm Oil and from other Plant and Vegetable Oils, 25% Glycerin is added as an emollient and skin softener . No animal products or animal testing, no perfumes, no lye, no skin damaging chemicals, no imitation colors, and no essential oils. Only Pure and Natural Soap & Natural Herbs. Our soap is handmade, and hand wrapped, each bar one at a time, in a clean and smoke free environment. Also Made in the USA.

Usage Directions: Use soap directly on the skin, do not use a washcloth when using our soap as it will only stain the washcloth (This is the nature of Whole-Herb Soap). Wash as normal and let the soap suds remain on your skin for about 5 minutes, then Completely Rinse with Warm water, and dry.

All above product descriptions and information and are for your reference only, and not intended to diagnose or cure any aliment or condition.